Greener Act is the first mobile app that allows travellers to participate in local projects and support local causes when travelling the world.

By using Greener Act participants and travellers will be able to engage with local organisations and start measuring their own positive impact and simultaneously improve their sustainable profile. By creating Greener Events and Greener Causes, organisations can raise local awareness and accomplish the following 2 objectives:

1) Give travellers the opportunity to discover, explore and engage with the local community; supporting sustainable and socially responsible actions and activities that benefit the local culture, environment and development. 

2) Provide organisations a platform to promote and showcase their good practices; create events and causes and allow the traveller to plan from a reliable source of information, their transformative travel experience.

Greener Act allows travellers and organisations to participate, promote and share activities through social media, increasing the global awareness for the need to improve the livelihood of local communities, protect the natural environment, whilst contributing to the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

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