Meson Nadi is a new milestone in Nicaraguas dynamic development. Surrounded by tropical forests, situated on one of the most beautiful bays, this hotel offers curated experiences from massages with sea views, surfers experiences up to off-road safaris. Despite all the luxurious amenities, what really characterizes this hotel is its atmosphere of relaxed informality.

Meson Nadi is the realization of Saskia and Dennis Nadi’s dream which the couple developed within many years. The photo producer and art director brought all their experience, patience, enthusiasm and sensitivity to create this unique place of paradise. It consists of six suites, divided between two single storey buildings. Along with the main house where the bar, restaurant and reception area are integrated, the buildings are grouped around a lush palm garden with a 15 metre swimming pool, which is the visual centre of the facilities.

The individual buildings are deliberately positioned in relation to one another by architect Jakob Sellaoui in a manner which is contrary to ordinary hotels, so that interaction between guests may arise from the covered terraces, as is typical in Nicaraguan villages.

The majority of the staff are locals from the immediate area, who are also offered education on environmentally aware sustainable living in addition to traditional training opportunities. Meson Nadi should consciously be a firmly integrated part of the local community, therefore social projects are supported in addition to creating jobs and close collaboration in areas of infrastructure expansion.

The hotel is situated on Playa Santa, in the middle of 16 surf breaks, including several estuaries, reef breaks, beach breaks and sensational big wave spots, some of which are among the best and most challenging in the world. The venue for the 2015 ISA World Surfing Games, Popoyo, is just five minutes from Meson Nadi. Especially in the Nicaraguan winter – May to September – waves that are unrivaled are a guarantee.


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